Tutoring During a Trip Abroad

Current Situation

In an international and globally structured business world, spending time abroad is becoming increasingly common. More students are taking advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester or a year abroad.

With respect to spending a semester abroad, Perspectiva Nova deals primarily with the language learning process and educational journey of school-aged children and adolescents. In most cases, the students attend international schools where they receive instruction in core subjects. These institutions generally maintain a high standard of learning and boast a comprehensive curriculum. However, we have noticed that students often find it difficult to transition back into Swiss schools after their time abroad. There are often gaps in their knowledge base when compared to their Swiss peers. This struggle becomes particularly evident when they transition from primary to secondary school and when they take their entrance examinations for secondary schools, which prepare students for a university education (Gymnasium).

A student may also encounter a situation in which he or she does not feel challenged at an international school. As a result, the child’s parents suddenly realize that the international school is governed by vastly different standards than Swiss schools. Often, certain subject areas like French or Latin are not even covered at international schools, and this puts these students at a distinct disadvantage compared to students of the same age attending a Swiss school. Hurdles and pitfalls aside, time spent abroad provides many different opportunities, not only broadening horizons and building friendships, but also acquiring a new language.


Perspectiva Nova sets out to minimize the aforementioned difficulties and to offer students and their families comprehensive support. This includes not only adhering to the Swiss curriculum while abroad but also optimizing the reintegration process after the student returns to Switzerland.

In general, Perspectiva Nova offers a three-stage model that covers the periods before, during, and after the time abroad. All three stages consist of different modules that can be expanded upon and adapted to meet individual requirements.