History, Geography, Religion and Culture

History, Geography, Religion and Culture

Recognizing Relationships

History, geography, religion and culture all overlap with one another. Because of this, there are many connections that can be made between the subjects. Unfortunately, in many schools students only learn dates and places by heart, rather than receiving an opportunity to truly understand the exciting facts behind them.

What We Offer

We usually visit pupils in the lead up to examinations. Most of them only realize how interesting the subject is when we go through the materials with them. We design our lessons with a focus on keeping them interesting. This gives the students more motivation to learn about the relationships between the subjects, helping them to achieve better outcomes in their exams.

We emphasize learning through relationships and integrated thinking rather than just memorization. To do this, we highlight the important social phenomena alongside the correlating historical and cultural aspects. We also offer additional material that is designed to boost their interests, such as films and other visual media.