After a Trip Abroad

After a Trip Abroad

This section serves to develop solutions for the student's re-entry into the Swiss educational system. The modules can be tailored to each student’s needs.

Module 1: Taking Stock and Evaluating

Returning to Switzerland after a long trip abroad can signify a huge career turning point. It is important to get off on the right foot and to have clear ideas about what will be required going forward. We provide a comprehensive assessment of the student’s knowledge of the subject(s) and create an effective plan to structure any schoolwork that the student needs to catch up on.

When it comes to re-integration, there are many different solutions including intensive courses during school breaks and re-entry solutions that are available through the Swiss education system.

Module 2: Preventing Loss of New Language Skills

In most cases, after spending time abroad, the student’s English abilities improve, as does his or her knowledge of the language spoken in the host country. If not practiced, these abilities can quickly fade. Perspective Lingua provides you with the opportunity to better grasp and deepen your knowledge of your newly acquired language. Not only does this strengthen everyday communication skills, but it could also help you obtain an aptitude certificate in this new language.