Before a Trip Abroad

Before a Trip Abroad

Module 1: Crash-Course in Everyday Life

This module focuses on two main areas: namely, deepening the student’s knowledge of English and deepening the student’s knowledge of the language spoken in the destination country. In many international settings, being able to communicate in English in everyday situations is of the utmost importance, particularly in residential areas. This makes the transition smoother and integration occurs much faster.

Module 2: Preparing for a New School

The goal of this module is to make the transition to a new school easier for the student. Perspectiva Lingua examines the curriculum at both institutions. We contact the host schools to clear up any confusion in advance.

After comparing the curriculum with the Swiss standard, we discuss our findings with the parents and the student to determine what subject areas will require more preparation or increased study to facilitate the transition. In our experience, this is often the case when lessons are held in another language or when a broader knowledge base is required for certain subjects.