During the Stay

During the Stay

Here we offer a variety of support structures that can be adapted to meet the student’s needs. The following suggestions can be considered as modules and can be combined as desired.

Module 1: Lessons According to the Swiss Standard

International schools mostly cover the important topics and aspects of each subject area but do not cover the subject in-depth; this can make the student’s return to the Swiss school system difficult. Module 1 supplements these subject areas in order to bridge the gaps in knowledge that the student might experience upon returning to Switzerland. This ensures that the subject matter knowledge is deeply anchored and that students will be able to seamlessly integrate into their Swiss classes upon their return.

Additionally, not all subjects that are required by the Swiss curriculum are offered abroad. This often means that parents must hire a tutor, students must make up the courses upon their return to Switzerland, or students must take examinations to prove their proficiency in these subjects without having taken a course on the subject. For these reasons, Module 1 is set up as outlined above. As teachers in the Swiss education system with many years of experience, we ensure that students do not encounter any problems when they re-enter the Swiss school system.

Module 2: Secondary School (Gymnasium) and University Entrance Exam Prep

We believe that time spent abroad should not hinder a student’s educational journey. This is why we offer secondary school and university entrance examination courses, instructed via Skype or FaceTime, to best prepare our students for these examinations. These courses are based on our own tried-and-true course materials.

All teachers at Perspectiva Lingua are experienced in this area and can fully prepare students for the examinations. This includes taking stock of a student’s existing knowledge, filling any gaps in knowledge, mastering learning strategies, and overcoming test anxiety. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding the structure of these examinations.